The Art Of Producing Beautiful China

For those who love to entertain family and friends, dinner parties with beautiful English fine bone china are a must. Setting a formal table adds an air of elegance and luxury to these types of gatherings. It speaks of a fine dining experience with a touch of opulence. The look of the plates and serving platters is all part of the setting for a holiday or special occasion. It sets the mood and projects the ambiance of the occasion and its importance.

Many people start out with little to no money when they set up their first home. Not all young couples can afford a beautiful set of china. This is a goal to strive for in the years ahead of them. Once achieved, their table can host a variety of holiday meals and occasions for their loved ones. It affords them the opportunity to let their circle of friends know they have arrived. The beauty of a hand painted set of china lends weight to every occasion where it is used.

In modern times, hand painted china sets are still available although they are expensive. Labor costs have risen in recent years in most countries. Where the cost of labour is low, the cost of transportation may raise the price past the limits of most people. Obtaining a hand painted set of translucent porcelain dishes is a goal that may take many more years to reach. There are other options.

One option for obtaining beautiful china with the look of hand painting is to buy china decorated with ceramic transfers or  ceramic decals. Modern technology uses sophisticated graphic art to create the look of hand painting without the cost on a computer. These decals can then be printed quickly and cheaply. They are applied to the china before the final glaze is fired for a beautiful decoration at a fraction of the cost.