Eleanor Newell - Ceramic Artist

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Eleanor Newell - Ceramic Artist
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Eleanor Newell creates sophisticated and refined ceramics as interior design objects for the home. With an established and highly acclaimed reputation within the area of Raku, Eleanor has many customers who are collectors of her high quality work. Each piece is unique, combining classical elegance with individual character, providing artistic points of focus within interiors.

Apparent in all Eleanor’s ceramics is her passion to create beautiful and unique art ware; her  designer collections are individually hand thrown and turned on a potter's wheel, often with additional hand modelled details. The clay mix and glaze recipes are also expressions of Eleanor’s invention and creativity. These enable her pieces to survive the rigours of Raku firing, whilst retaining light, finely thrown qualities and combined with an evolving palette of special effect glazes.     

“I love working with clay and raw materials, to create stylish ceramics that brings joy to people. From the preparation of materials through to scrubbing clean the final pieces, all my senses are fully engaged. I am constantly in awe of the limitless possibilities of clay available to me as an artist, and connect with my customers through shared appreciation of natural beauty.”

Throughout her career, Eleanor has been attracted to methods of glazing and firing which have the capacity to produce unexpected results. For many years she worked with salt-firings, and recently has been experimenting with macro-crystalline glazes. These firings allow for full interaction between artist and art throughout all the stages of creation, which is an integral feature of Eleanor’s ceramics.

Eleanor’s studio is open by appointment and on open-studio days, please contact her or see news.

Subscribe if you would like invitations to Eleanor’s private views, shows, special offers, notifying of new work and educational workshops.

Raku is a decorative special effect process. Please read about Raku before purchasing.


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